How To Do Bread

Like most people, you’re probably wondering why I changed format, and wonder what the format was before

It was like this. Well that’s if remembering I did the do.

Now, like most people, you’re probably wondering how to bread. To bread you inhale air and exhale oxygen. Follow these easy steps and you can teach others how to bread.

1. Frirst off all, you must first understand what air exactly is. It is formed when the solar system was first created. The sun itself tells the “plants” otherwise known as the GGG or Green Good Guys to make air fir the trees. These trees will convert that air into oxygen, and plants require oxygen to work. Some may say some plants aren’t all green is because they are the ones making oxygen.
2. Now you understand how air and oxygen works, but that is for plants. The system of what “we” use is Bary Complex. The Bary Complex first needed to create the Lungs in the “body”. By the Bary Complex cresting its lungs it can now process air.
3. With the lungs of the Bary Complex it can process air converting it into oxygen, however, it requires End Or Geez the drink, which is why you see people drinking fluids very a lots, simply cause they use their Lungs a lot.
4.. By understanding people needs End Or Geez to make the Bary Complex run that is how air is converted to oxygen, but what happens to that oxygen? It becomes a waste product known as Oxygen it’s different because it’s capitalized. and the remaining are oxygen.
5. The waste product escapes your lungs into another part of the Bary Complex known as the Bread. The bread then uses that oxygen to transmit all kinds of signals to the plants that require oxygen to make air to make air. Thus, this cycle repeats again. Remember to repeat steps 1-9 for easy EXP grinds as it keeps you alive.

I just got off the phone with chief, he said that this is it. Now lets go get that bread gamers!