How to defeat a guardian with a chicken

step 1: equip your chicken

step 2: find a guardian and angle the chicken correctly so guardian shoots rock at you but then bamboozled because the rock cant go through chicken

step 3: attack the guardian while the guardian throw rock (if you cant reach guardian, throw rock back at guardian)

ok heres some examples

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Did somebody say Kevlar Chicken?

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chicken protecc
anthonychi attacc
but most importantly
chicken send rock bacc


Thing is I don’t think your chicken is the one blocking the attacks. When the guardian throws the rock, its possible to break it with a well-aimed and timed Zap, Magic Bomb or even basic attack (though it’s very inconsistent with basic attacks and shouldn’t be counted as a legitimate strategy)

On the other hand, it is totally possible to have your chicken block the attack, but only on a surface that is higher than your torso when the throw occurs, which is displayed clearly on the last two videos (though as stated before, it could also partially be because of your attacks as well)

The Rising of The Shield Chicken Hero

Someone talked about this in the past.

no zap doesnt destroy the rock

yes you are correct, i did indeed mention in the guide that you have to

no one can stop me from using chicken

the chicken is also required to do this, the rock is just there to angle it correctly :wink:

zap doesnt work either, only chicken can vaporize the rock

the answer is me


You may also utilize the hitboxes of your gravestone or even other guardians to become invincible. If there are 2 guardians next to eachother you can get their rock throws out of sync and move between them to ignore all damage.

I find guardians harder for me, if you exclude ancient arrows that is. I press A when it beeps, and keep parring too quickly. Meanwhile I somehow can shield parry, side jump, etc perfectly against lynels. Yet I still cheese them with Stasis+ followed by a arrow to their head, then another, mount, repeat

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