How to deal with fires

many people complain about fires causing global warming. join the cause and burn all the fires down. Are you a Fire Fighter? join the cause yesterday by simply burning a fire down

Note: We are not actual Fire Fighters and are not responsible for any fires not being burnt.

  • Never heard of any dumber solution
  • Yeah lets burn them fires!
  • No lets karate chop the fires!

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hey what if there was a hypothetical situation where a fire was burning a chair?

  • I would burn down the fire, which will leave the chair unscathed.
  • I would use water which’ll cause a bigger disaster, which will leave the chair soggy.

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I need the chair unscathed.

Its my lunch for next week


Yes the chair must be unscathed because I don’t like eating soggy chairs

I Love Soggy Chairs, It Gives You Some Delicious Moss To Eat!

But I always forget to eat my chairs on time and they get all moldy. Blegh!

Mold is a delacacy to me