How to calculate tax

Hey, I’ve seen many people who don’t know how to / calculate tax wrongly.
(Btw go to the bottom if you want a TL;DR)

Say you want to give someone 100s. Simply give them 130s because 30s is 70% of 100s, right?
Well, wrong.
It’s a tad little more complicated then that.
If you want to give someone 100s, that 100s, would be the 70% of the amount left after tax.
In order to find how much you’d need to give, follow these steps

70%-> 100s (how much your friend is receiving)
1%-> 100s/70 (1% of total you will give)
100%-> 100s/70 x100
~143s (how much you will give on the trade)

TL;DR: (amount b4 tax divided by 70 then multiplied by 100)
(Slightly less precise would be just to multiply the requested amount before tax by 1.43)
Sry if it’s a bit confusing.
Hopefully you won’t need to use this guide if my other post requesting a feature is added to the game.

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Or just multiply the amount you need to pay by 1.43 and you’ll get the same answer.

Yeah that works too

Ok if I add that as the TL;dr?

I mean your strategy works too, just takes an extra step, but my strategy is far less precise.

If you really wanted an exact number, you’d do “n x (100/70)” where n = the amount requested. The majority of time you’ll end up with a much more exact number with multiple decimals, so if you really want to pay the exact amount that’s how you’d do it.

Thanks for the advice

divide by 0.7

Also, sorry to shoot this down, but I’ve had a tax calculation section in my full guide to Hardcore survival for a few days now.

Ok that’s cool, though I still se some people not calculating tax correctly. Would it be alright to have a dedicated post on the topic? It’s much easier to search for this if you want to figure out about tax

Well, it would still show up in search since the search function doesn’t go exclusively by title.

What should I explicitly search to find you post? Whenever I search about tax it either doesn’t show up or is relative to a different part?

The 22nd result when you search “Tax” and sort by Latest Topic
Or you could do a search for only Tutorials (so you put #general-discussion:tutorials-and-guides first in the search) and it’s the second result. Behind this one.