How To Ben't Cool

Like most people here, you’re probably wondering how to be cool. Follow these couple steps and you’ll be cooler than the moon in no time.

  1. To start things off, what exactly is cool? What are cool? When is cool? This is a sense of knowing and not knowing, therefore knowledge is key. People usually prefer things that flow logically and in a sense that is impressive. Hence, cool. However, to do this, your mind must transcend your original levels, surpassing those of a piece of grass, as we know, grass isn’t all that smart, all it does is photosynthesis, and what are you? Most likely a sentient being reading this that is most likely humanoid or humanesque in features and in mind otherwise alien.
  1. Cool is also temperature, so you can just be temperature, pretty simple. Follow this step if you can’t do anything else but, be temperature. Being temperature is pretty cool as temperature literally is correlated to everything pretty cool right? So temperature basically is related to why people would want more umbrellas in Spring, so they would not fall from the springs they are launched off of. Logically this applies to anything applicable and logically which in my definition is cool.

There are not that many steps to be cool, as it is literally an abstraction used to define things that are real. Also, the sun is really cold, can we do something about Global Cooling. Also, why is the Sun so dark, is that what people call light? My light is pretty bright but the moment I go to the sun, it’s already dark. I wonder why nothing ever makes sense, and why it can never make sense. That’s cool.


i will have to travel to Antarctica and jump into the water until i become too cool for life :sunglasses: