How to actually make Vesteria forums alive

-Create fun games everyone can play

-Try to guess what will be updated in the next Vesteria play test.

-Think of what the story of Vesteria could be…

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Sorry, A Fatal Error Has Occured And Nofear’s Brain Is Shutting Down…

or earn the badges in the vesteria forum

instructions unclear kissed a toaster. now crying in a corner

Couldn’t Make Sense, Nofearon Is Now Doing Permanent 360’s In Place. Please Help Me

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I don’t know what we are doing so I’m just gonna go with it

tries turning it off and back on again


About the story of vesteria, why are we in war with the Mushroom (faction?). Are they just attacking us for fun?, did we attack them first or was it just because they want our land and minerals? (idk if this was explained or not)

They Are Just Fun Enemies To Slaughter!

in my opinion I think of them as fungus that spreads and grows and humans keep them away by killing them

Why Not Eat Them As They Are Mushrooms?

idk lul maybe that’s how the potions were made

Multiple People Have Suggested It, Though No Idea If The Devs Have Said Anything About It Though.

I said something similar to that in my crafting forum and polymorphic replied that they would look into the crafting option more.

That Is Sort Of My Point. They Haven’t Said If They Are Going To Implement It Or Not. Just A ‘look’ Into It.

We were considering at some point allowing players to craft, but we’re not sure the entire capacity in how this could work. Definitely worth looking into and fleshing out more.

My concern with crafting weapons would be the extent a player can do this. Would you be able to craft legendary weapons, or only certain lower-level weapons? If so, is it even worth crafting weapons when you get high level?

What if players turn into mushrooms if they reach the end of the game :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Oof To That Quote.

yeah ik im not good with quotes lul
I just copy and paste stuff cuz im too lazy to figure out the basics of a forum