How much Dex do you need for multi magic bomb

I use to be able to shoot two magic bombs before the update at 30 Dex, now I’m not entirely sure what Dex I need to shoot multiple

You probably need at least more than half of your stats need to be put into dex.

if i wear archaemagus set, does that mean that i can no longer have multi bombs?, archaemagus gives vit

Archeomagus stats add to the 144main stats
That means you need alot more points in dex for multiple boombs with archeomagus

How much exactly?

I think it’s just 30 dex cuz I have 70 int

thats not true, it was recently changed so it not needs half of your total stats in order to have multi bomb.

Level 49 Sorcerer
Full-Ancient-INT Webbed Staff
Full INT
Max Magic Bomb
Highest INT-boost armor in game (sorry my mage alt isn’t to Dunes yet… currently trying to get it what it needs)

Absolutely HUGE damage plus GIGANTIC DoT pool… Nothing will stop them now.