How Mages Work [Patch 1.1]

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Magic Bomb:

  • The magic bomb is not for close-range and is mainly for long-range with its large radius.
  • The bigger the arc of the throw, or the farther you are from enemies the bigger the radius.
  • Small magic bombs cannot hit enemies as its hitbox is way too small.
  • The damage output remains the same as hitting an enemy with a small magic bomb to a large magic bomb.
  • This has a slow travel movement, this isn’t good in close-combat.
  • Damage output is dependent on Vitality stat and Intelligence Stat.
  • Each upgrade increases the damage output.
  • Costs 40 Mana to cast.
  • Has a 4 second cooldown
  • Has a max range of 50 meters, if on level ground.
  • Currently cannot hit enemies in close combat.
  • Higher Arc = More Radius Of Bomb


  • Useful for close-range as it has fast attack speed.
  • Just as useful as magic bomb for single-target enemies as it has good damage output.
  • Not as much range but is faster than magic bomb.
  • Dependent on Vitality stat and Intelligence Stat.
  • Each upgrade increases damage.
  • Costs 13 Mana to cast.
  • Has a max range of 13 meters.
  • 3 second cooldown.
  • Recommended for grinding: This spell is most likely going to hit unlike the Magic Bomb.


  • Main usage of traveling for mages.
  • Distance of travelling is increased with each upgrade.
  • Cooldown decreases with each upgrade.
  • Costs 20 Mana to cast.
  • Currently can “blink” through objects.


  • Mana regens at a somewhat slower amount in Patch 1.1
  • Mana regenerated is lessened Exact curve is not determined.
  • Total mana increased per stat of intelligence is generally the same.
  • Mana Regeneration is increased per level not as significant or noticeable as intelligence increase.

Mage Strategies

  • If you are being swarmed, blink away multiple times into a distance. Charge a magic bomb that’ll land in a prediction where the mobs will be. Large radius of the magic bomb will deal huge splash as farther way you are from the magic bomb’s explosion. Currently ineffective as blink will most likely teleport you through objects leading to your death.
  • Other scenario: If being swarmed, if your magic bomb does enough damage it can kill all the enemies swarming you in one shot, not recommended as you would have to be levels higher than the enemy faced. Not effective as Magic Bomb doesn’t work in close combat yet.
  • Run backwards and zap, let your mana regen and zap again. Effective against short-ranged enemies.
  • If mobs are held still by another party member, and if far away, you can use a magic bomb to effectively deal damage and gain bonus exp. Not necessary as no real high-level content that requires a balanced party.
  • Use blue potions or magic potions to recover mana easily. Mobs drop these often or you can buy these from a shop.
  • Use intelligence or vitality potions to boost magic damage.


Can I get a #NerfZap

well yes but no bc im a mage #NerfZapMaybeIdk?

Nerf Zap? When magic bomb was already nerfed to nearly uselessness?

Low INT Warrior!


But LUNGE does almost TWICE the DAMAGE
And ZAP can only hit ONE mob


it’s also impossible to dodge

If you nerf zap even after the magic Bomb nerf… Mages will be absolutely useless. Zap is kind of all we have now because of how hard bombs got nerfed.

Zap also makes every other class useless.

You still have more defense than any other class? You still have your ridiculously overpowered roll that not even a teleportation spell can compare to? You still have more damage output than a Mage even despite the zap? You still have a basic melee swing that deals well over 1k on a critical? A tracing lightningbolt really isn’t that amazing. It’s great, don’t get me wrong… It doesn’t make Mages any better than the other classes, who still easily deal more damage. Can’t us mages actually have an advantage for once? Or is it too rough on you 0 INT warriors who can still wipe out 9 spiders at once without effort?

If you nerf Zap, this will be the mage:

  • trashy zap that barely hits
  • trashy bomb that does 0 damage on contact because of how small it is
  • glitched teleport that kills ourselves.

Mages will be absolute garbage and no one will play them if you nerf zap. We will have nothing. You warriors still have all sorts.

I’m a mage so don’t get me wrong but if zap is auto aiming, it’s practically a 100% success rate, which literally can’t be dodged due to hit box delay

personally, I want zap to have manual aim and either a nerfed auto aim or no auto aim at all. this way, zap will require actual skill in using.

as for blink, the tp through glitch will be patched anyways, and magic bomb really does need a close range buff. other than that, mage is relatively fine

can we get like a #improvehunters hashtag? we need more hunter stuffs

Now this is something I can get behind. #improvehunters

Magic Bomb is significantly worse than the old bomb. If you have several spiders chasing you, there’s no hope for you except for to keep running and zapping. You used to be able to bomb em all away.

I do agree that the auto-hit of Zap is a bit overpowered. But in consideration that it’s really our only form of real damage unless you’re surprise attacking with a bomb…

Really, I would agree to the nerf if the initial bomb wasn’t so microscopic and dealt 0 damage. I support that it starts small and gets bigger, but the current scale of the small bomb doesn’t even make contact with the hitboxes. It does literally 0 damage for the cost of 40 MP. Buff the bomb slightly, THEN nerf the zap.

yeah, magic bomb needs to be faster and better at close range. i forgot to mention that earlier since I was traveling at the time

You obviously haven’t PVPed with a mage, no class compares. Mages can Dodge all attacks and continueously spam zap. I know where warriors need balancing and I know where mages need balancing. Zap needs to be nerfed so mages can’t just Dodge and spam zap. I say buff magic bomb and either decrease zap dmg or make it cost exponentially more.

tbh, Zap should cost 30 MP. No more than that, or it will be mostly a waste in PvP against crowds.

If that’s so, then I’d say give Zap a greater cooldown. I just want an equal fight against a mage.

if zap didn’t have a 100% accuracy auto aim, it would be good. it’s meant to be an easily spammable skill, so increasing the cool down loses its purpose.

if zap ONLY aimed with your mouse, this forces mages to actually aim with their skills, and not looking at someone and pressing a button to win. the damage of zap is around 200-250 against level 30’s, so I’m not sure if this requires a nerf.

as for magic bomb, it really is trash. the projectile needs to fall faster, the close range size should be increased, the glitches should be fixed, etc

for other classes, they really do need lower mp costs. I don’t see how you would be able to survive without int

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It was useless at the time and no one said otherwise. Personally, I don’t believe Warriors should require INT. If a warrior using MP potions to survive in battle is less than equal to an INT mage, think about how balanced it would be with the points reallocated to INT.