How long will the Alpha gift be claimable?

So I bought Alpha and Vesteria recently transitioned to Beta. I haven’t been able to get on and wont be able to for a while and was wondering how long will the Gift be claimable?

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my guess is forever

I’m hoping I will be able to claim it. I feel like they wont keep the NPC there forever.

well, I hope you got your alpha gift and actually got to use it.
For some reason, I got my alpha gift, then I stopped playing for maybe 2 months, and then I come back to Vesteria and my gift is gone.

yes i am salty and i am pissed

All alpha gifts that were unopened were wiped a while back because people managed to bring alpha gifts from a testing place unintentionally.

Also, please try to avoid necrobumping (replying to really old posts).

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