How is the Endgame going to be handled?

Now, I’m a really big fan of the Destiny series, and when you look at Destiny 2 (after forsakens launch, obviously), the Endgame there got really fun and engaging. What I’m worried about for Vesteria is that it might end up having a bad endgame like Destiny 2 did for its first 9 or so months.

How is this Endgame not only going to be engaging for players who want to have fun, but also difficult and a challenge to players who find the game easy?

Personally I think they’re going to make a good endgame, but without adding onto it every so often, it’ll become stale, which is the opposite of what you’d want with an Endgame.


I think ber has stated in stream that he intentionally does not want a game like Destiny 2 and other roblox rpgs that fail to deliver. In the endgame It would be cool to have some neat bosses.


You right big daddy Matt

I would just hope there is a lot more content after beating the game.

Like What @IronicLife ?

Like bereza had said on stream, boss raids, and maybe some secret quests?

We plan to go the expansion route. At release we will probably have a level cap at level 30. After we have all of the basics of the game done, we will shift to a slower update release schedule (one massive update a month?) and big expansions will raise the level cap.

We’re really not sure though. Remains to be seen

Maybe only raise the level cap like 10 times per exansion, with a major focus on gear (like boss drops)
i originally thought 5 levels per expansion would be good, but that’d be like 1 new move per month, we need more skills than that for sure

Yeah, that’s what I was hoping to hear. As long as there’s a consistent flow of content, it should be able to sustain the Endgame.

Thanks for answering the question, Ber, appreciate it.