How I think hidden stat point interactions could work with different classes

The title pretty much explains everything, these are my ideas on how stat points could be used on different classes. I will be including some moves if I think it’s needed. Also note that I will not be including anything that is already in game, as to avoid repetition, even if it is just in game for 1 ability (e.g. magic bomb size increasing with int, because I feel like this should just be expanded to all other abilities of said class).

All classes:
Str: Increases range of melee attacks (an aftershock of sorts that allows attacks to go beyond the normal range of the weapon)
Vit: gives block chance to any class (raised for warriors and knights)
Int: increases crit chance (because the player is smarter)
Dex: decreases mana cost (This one might seem a little weird, I just thought that it would be like dex is increasing how efficient a play is, lower mana/energy cost)

Hunters w/bows:
Str: in game
Vit: I can’t think of anything for this, especially because hunters are supposed to have the least health out of the three classes. I have seen some people say that vit should give all classes lifesteal, but I think that should be reserved to warlock, or at the very least, mages.
Int: for this, I think it would be nice if intelligence increased the accuracy of a players shot. For example, if when a player normally shoots, the arrows have a chance of going anywhere in an square with a 10x10 area, then at 30 int this could be shrunk to a 8x8 area.
Dex: In game

Str: Gives knockback/aftershocks to every attack
Vit: Honestly, as basic as it might sound, damage reduction. My thought would be that what type of damage is up to what other stat players have the most of (I doubt many warriors will go dex, so maybe Int for ranged attacks, and Str for melee).
Int: I like the idea of paladin like attacks
Dex: Once again, I couldn’t think of anything unique for this class that other classes shouldn’t have.

Str: in game
Vit: Instead of lifesteal (which should be just for warlocks) how about with enough Vit, all mages heal a tiny amount with each attack (themselves, not other players)
Int: in game
Dex: in game

Anyways, those are my ideas on how stat point interactions could work. Please feel free to give feedback, and tell me why I’m stupid. I hope I provided some interesting points or ideas. Thanks!

For all the classes, the dex and int perks should be swapped.

Is this a joke (not passive aggressively, I genuinely don’t know). On every class I don’t have something listed for one of those stats.

Rereading that I realized I sounded vague. Sorry about that. In the section “All classes” the int and dex perks should be swapped.

Dex should give crit chance and int should reduce mana cost imo.

Oh, I see. I could see this working, and agree that they could be swapped, I just thought this would be a fun way for the devs to confuse people and still make sense. The reason behind dex decreasing mana cost is because someone with high levels of dexterity IRL would be faster and more efficient with their movements. Again, IRL, an intelligent person (fighting intelligence of course) would know to aim for spots that would hurt an enemy more, doing more ‘damage’ aka crits.

I agree with INT increasing crit chance, as a critical hit represents finding a chink in the enemy’s armor (in my favorite RPG, Dungeons & Dragons, a critical hit has a 5% chance of happening, and it represents finding such a chink). But DEX decreasing mana costs? I don’t really agree with that. How about, instead, decreased skill cooldowns? Decreased mana costs don’t really fit with “efficiency”, but decrease cooldowns do.

Yeah, thats actually a good idea. These were just some spur of the moment ideas of mine, the big thing is that I wanted Dex to make you more efficient.