How I got one shot in my first duel

I was wandering around the enchanted forest, when I ran into Avoiided. I grinded some spiders with him, and he got to level 17. I decided to duel him, as for he had said he put all his points into INT. I wanted to see if that would be his downfall, or if it would make him a god.

At the start of the duel, I managed to do a total of 16.5 damage before he mana bombed me, one shotting me. He was only 5 levels higher than me,

That’s all for today’s misadventures.

@avoiided uwu

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@Cube owo

get rekt fear u big noob!!!

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lol. you guys would prob 1shot me. Main: LV 13 Hunter. Mage: LV 10. Warrior: like lv 3 or something

how do you have a lvl 3 warrior if it takes lvl 10 to choose a class… :face_with_monocle:

im going to make it warrior when i get to lv 10

One of my first duels is against berezaa, im a lvl 30 hunter and berezaa is a lvl 8 adventurer challenged him, accepted. He dealt 1 damage or less, i recorded it, used my execute, dealt 800 damage and screamed “LMFAO” with berezaa. Also this was before the increase in XP curve, which is probably the reason why he increased it xd