How Fast Should Your Guild Server Gain Members?

How fast should your guild gain members on here? Just wondering, so I know whether or not people actually want to join mine.

In 3 days, one member has joined, and I’d just like to know if that’s the normal rate - because at this point, it looks like no ones gonna join my guild (although it has been 3 days).

Honestly, I don’t know. Back in early beta I got around 1 member every 2 days and then I deleted the server because it began to lose members. To gain more members, I’d suggest you get a few friends in your server. Then start hosting giveaways and events in popular places likes Whispering Dunes. Use megaphones to promote every now and then. In your shout, I’d say which place you’re at and say if you want to join that they have to go to that place to get invited. Anyways, goodluck.

Thanks man, I hope to goes well.

Would you like to join it?

about a few a week

my guild started 10 months ago and carries 29 members

I added bandit raids, check the server for details.

Dw about guild stuff. Its just a cute side thing to do. They dont offer much benefits other than to grind for a cool guild hall


For my guild, we get a maybe 1 or 2 applications a week unless its some big event occurs, but personally I think a good member comes every 2 weeks or so