How far can we get until a dev messes us up?

So here is how it goes, we try to count as far as we can go until berezaa, Polymorphic, or sk3let0n replies with anything. Then we have to restart at 1 again.

I’ll start, 1.

one+1 (after this anybody that replies has to make their number in 5 characters or less.) >;-)

3 (i mean they could just add their own little spicy messages at the end)


2*2+1 yeah this might end quick

erm 2*2 is not 5…

ha you guys messed yourselves up



LMAO!!! darn you complete sentences

1 + 0

lol k

1 + 1

1 + 2 (I did not expect the five characters to continue after ber’s Post lol)


HAH didnt mess up

2 * 2 Is 4 To Get To 3 You Take Away 1! Quick Maths!

dont be too quick cause you missed 5

6? Am I doing it right?!

yea you are


8 numbers