How exactly does the loot system work?

Who’s able to get the loot when a mob is killed? Are the people that are able to get the loot each get separate loot, or does everyone just get to yoink each other’s loot?

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you can yoink a person’s loot if you deal adequate damage to the monster that you both are attacking

So you just have to try and get the loot faster than other people?

pretty much .-.

You can YoInK loot from giants

If you deal what’s considered to be an “impactful” amount of damage, you’ll be able to pick up regular items. Everyone who deals an “impactful” amount of damage gets their own copy of regular items. Golden items can only be picked up by one person, and that’s decided randomly but the more damage you deal the more likely you are to get the equipment.

Giants work slightly different, it’s a free for all with giants if you’ve dealt an “impactful” amount of damage (one copy of all items dropped, rather than everyone gets a copy).


Alright. Thanks.


:black_small_square:Would there be a later chart or an explanation of how much damage is impactful damage for upcoming players and for the concurrent players? Perhaps a % base minimum damage requirement, so players get a general idea of how much damage they should inflict for rewards/loots.

Not trying to revive a well dead topic, but I am also wondering what percentage would be an impactful amount of damage.