How Do You Go To Different Areas and Get Fishing Poles?

I’ve seen videos and images of different areas with different enemies and there are even maps of places of the different areas but every teleportation area says that it’s only in the full access.

Did they change it or is there just something that I’m not understanding?

WELP ok I asked someone ingame and they said that the main game was basically moved and the one thats open rn is just for learning the basics.

The finishing pole can be found


in a small cave a lengthy jog away from spawn infront of a tall stone border

Well some of those videos were probly from during the playtests and now they aren’t doing any more playtests and the game is just the demo right now and you probly can’t access most of those places anymore. However you can get the fishing rod in the demo, just explode around for chests and u should find it :grin:

very epic chief thank u

So yea basically what u posted while I was replying lol