How Do You Feel About Player Collision?

Should it…

  • Be removed
  • Stay as it is rn
  • Fine with whatever chief :))

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Isn’t there already player collision?

wait ur right lmao i meant if it should be able to walk thru

That would honestly be weird if you could phase through other players. Also, how would that work in PvP. It’d be extremely awkward.

its a poll chief :sneezing_face:

I know, I’m just trying to get my thoughts out on the subject. :hushed:

mayb player collision cn in effect during pvp chief idk

What’s wrong with player collision right now? I haven’t had any problems with it so far. I don’t get flung during miniboss fights anymore.

i dont have any either but its just something that gets mentioned every once in a while when people get tilted by getting pushed while afk farming :man_shrugging:

Anyone that AFK farms has no right to complain about getting pushed around imo. Lmao.

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Collisions make me hate trying to visit the shops but whatever.

People keep pushing me ;(

I Agree. Player Collision Is Just Annoying Since It Pushes Us Around. I’ve Also Been Flung Out The Map Due To Player Collision.

yeah i always try to talk to the shopkeeper in the city that i keep forgeting the name of and people keep pushing me around so i just go right next to the shopkeeper

It’s a constant battle of who gets to sell their full inventory first…Brutal…

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