How do you become a tester?

In the group can the testers play when the game is closed?

I Believe They Can.

Does anybody actually know how to become one though?

They’ll probably publicly announce it that they’re having test applications, but for now I guess they don’t need testers.

you can’t become a tester right now since I guess they have enough of them
it doesn’t really matter since next week the paid-testing starts which will let you play the game as much as you want

I Agree. Paid Access Is Super Close. Though They May Still Close The Game If There Is A Serious Game-Breaking Bug/Exploit.

How do I become a tester? I want to be a tester so I can help

Well boys, I think we found our winner. A 1 year necrobump lmfao.

For your actual question, berezaa hosted an application for tester, you’re 2 weeks late.

the first 1 year necrobump
congratulations OrthodoxCloud57, you’ve done it

You become a tester by being a streamer or content creator, ( you get it for free) or you have to suck-up really hard to a mod for them to recommend you.

the ugly truth

Surprised you aren’t tester, to be honest. You contribute a lot to discussion and the community.

Same could be said for you but neither of us will get it anytime soon, unless you already did and I just never noticed.

I also have lost my regular twice now, I assumed Berezaa just yoinked it since I’m so critical of him but meta said I don’t have enough posts read.

Hard necrobump (this is talking anout QA Testers

Currently no more testera are being accepted, although the last time testers were accepted was when ber issued a writing prompt to become tester. In reponse to derpy, streamers/content creators actully lost tester and had to show activeness before getting reaccepted (kensai and dank to name a few)