How do i make a guild!

I need help i’d like to make a guild. (Also if you’d like to join it’d be epic :slight_smile: )
So its called the glass cannons (AKA the hunter group) Its just all hunters and we go fight the sq and other bosses every saturday. May create a discord for it. Please let me know if you’d liek to join

get a full party of players lvl 10 or more, go to the guild hall in port fiddelo, and create one for 1g

created a new post. also would you like to join the glass cannons?

I already have a guild, sorry

I already have a guild, sorry. If you wanna join it, that’s fine, and you could get a high position though. (Assuming you haven’t already made yours)

I havent made it yet and thank you for the suggeston :slight_smile: