How do i contact berezaa (for helping with security)

something i made ^

i want to contact him about his game’s security :\ i tried discord i tried his dm i tried dm’ing his discord, i tried dm’ing his alt, i asked alex (sb2 owner who i help with security issues) to have him accept my fr, etc but i can’t get in contact with him so i can help him improve it

Follow these steps.

  1. Search for a post from Berezaa, you should be able to easily find one in #public-announcements.
  2. When you find a post from him, click his name, and hit Message. It will prompt you to create a private topic that will be sent to him only.

new members are the best kind of members


[4:50 PM] Meta: You have to contact him thru the forum
[5:14 PM] Mortalkombatman2: how
[5:15 PM] Meta: make a forum acc
[5:15 PM] Meta: 1 sec
[5:16 PM] Meta: k make a forum acc
[5:29 PM] Mortalkombatman2: ok
[5:30 PM] Mortalkombatman2: forum link?
[5:57 PM] Mortalkombatman2: done
[6:41 PM] Meta: now PM berezaa
[6:45 PM] Mortalkombatman2: how
[6:45 PM] Mortalkombatman2: what’s his acc
[6:47 PM] Meta: berezaa

ok thanks meta i’ll do that

at least read the tutorial xd and how discourses trust system works

what is that? tutorial for what

@discobot start new user
@discobot start advanced user

^That’s what you type to get a tutorial anywhere on this forum

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bruh this is too complicated for me this is like me trying to figure out how to play ro-ghoul so i can make exploits for people who want scripts for it i just get so confused lol

when its not even instant pfp pic here

you are not the first nor the last who will think autofarms are actually hard to make, nor will you be the last to try and help with just auto farming

whats hilarious is i seem to be the only one whos found more features then just auto farming and instant auto pickup for loot (insert pfp pic here)

@discobot start advanced user


lol what that was one example i know it’s not hard to make an autofarm, and there’s other vulnerabilities than just that

join me on ber’s internal test floor and i’ll show you some.

  1. it isnt hard to get to testing floor
  2. i already know most if not all the current vulnerabilities / features you can make, if you wanna name them then tell them now
  3. if you had a clue on autofarming and investigating youd have already made those mobs instantly die or at the very least die any bit quicker

Maybe contact him on discord? If not then just private message him on the forums.