Hosting A Event? With A Prize?!

Hello, and welcome to my first event! In this event we will all gather in a game known as “Tower of Hell” we will compete for the prize of a “Ugly Spiderling Pet” toy code!

How To Enter The Event:

To enter the event you need to simply open the Google form post and fill out the information.

The only information that i ask for is your Roblox username, and a picture of your Roblox avatar.

I ask you not to change your Roblox name or avatar after you submit information. I need to be able to track where you are on the leaderboard to see who is winning the event.

If you do happen to win, but you didn’t fill out the form the prize will go to the runner-up winner that has their information submitted

Event Rules:

  1. Once you start the obstacle course if you fall and land back on the starting platform you will be required to leave amd rejoin. This is to let everyone have a chance to get into the event. But if you start falling and manage to catch yourself on other parts of the obstacle course you are still in the game. Once you leave you can rejoin as fast or as slow as youd like. If you don’t leave once you fall you will be banned from the event server.

  2. No perks, buffs, or tools from the shop are allowed during the event.

Event Times:

Saturday, 2/22/2020, 6PM-10PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

More Info About The Event:

The event will be streamed on my twitch channel.

I will be in need of a guest host for the event if possible. The job of the guest host will be to make sure that the people that fall back to the start of the map leave before continuing.

If Your Already Have A Ugly Spiderling Pet Or Have One On Its Way You May Still Play, But The Prize Will Go To The Next Person, This Is So Everyone That Doesnt Have A Ugly Spiderling Pet Yet Has A Chance To Get One.

More Info On The Discord



Very nice of you! Gl to everyone!

Am I Able To Do This Without Discord?

This is very nice of you! You have no idea how many people out there are desperate for a pet

I mean, you can do the parkour, but you wont be able to access the private server

Lmao imagine not buying the toy.

Imagine not having shipping to your country, kinda sad lol. :pensive:

Just love somewhere else broke scum​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sunglasses::thinking::yum::kissing::yum::sunglasses::kissing::sunglasses::kissing::yum::laughing::slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes::thinking::heart_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::slight_smile:

Please be nice bro.

I would like to participate pls

I dont have shipping in my country

Bro is joke, hence excessive use of emojis and stupidity of the sentance