Horray! I'm screwed!

Somebody was selling a blessed stick for 2 gold and said it was for a guild! (This was my first time on after the update) I thought it would be a good way to get the blessed stick I always wanted and help a potential guild at the same time. I felt safe with the fact that bereza said that blessed prices would be raised. TURNS OUT, the price was lowered to 15 silver… 15 silver. AND NOW I’M BROKE HORRAYYYYYYYYY

F you played yourself.

Yikes, that sort of sucks, but maybe the price will go back to 3.2g?

I feel like getting a great deal as soon as you join a server isn’t exactly playing myself but ok

hah… hah… no even if that happens the market is completely ruined. The price at the very best will be 100-200s as a novelty item

I don’t even understand why the dev would change the 2nd most expensive item in the game back to 15s and screw over a ton of people?!

I know right! The Blessed stick used to be the pride of many hardcore players that grinded a lot of gold just for the Blessed stick, now its so easy to get nobody would notice if you had one!

It’s not even about the pride anymore, it’s about whether or not I’m quitting. This was all I’ve been saving for the past month to get a stick! This was a perfect deal for me! And now i have 1 silver… 1


sorry dude

Ty for atleast saying something, most people in game just make fun of me.

I can relate way too much with that.
I feel your pain mah dude.

Better than paying 3.15g like myself and everyone else.

Nah man thats just stocks, the price will raise eventually.


totally isnt typing this sentence because the fourms said it was an “incomplete sentence”

thats tuff dude i feel you
my stick got unblessed so i wasted about 3g

Yeah, but if you were able max bless a stick I feel like you had money to spare. Most people with one pre-update had around 20-30 gold before blessing one so it didn’t take away all their money.

Keep the stick and sell it for the same price that you spent on it. Someone might eventually buy it

Blame ColbyJacobk

Yeah, but then someone else would be trying to sell it for 3.15g. Screwing another player won’t solve the problem.

itd solve the problem for you

but this stick blessing thing has gotta be a mistake