Honest experience from playing vesteria since the it released

its cool.

if u habe been playing since it was released or the playtest




or dont its fine

I have been following since the playtests, but I was only able to play two of the playtests (I think) because I wasn’t at home when they came out due to life stuff.

My opinion of the game is: AMAZING!! This is one of the best games on Roblox, if not The Best. It could use some more content for lvl 20+ players but that will come in time.

i played like… 2-3 playtests and the style of the game is so good!

Opinion: RADICAL!!! its really good so far but we really need more higher level stuff and more quests. 4/5 stars

Very very GREAT game with huge potential to be the best game on Roblox as bean said. Great ideas, cool gameplay and skills and feel and all that.

10/10 imo. The ONLY thing that worries me is if left click will permanently be the same “basic attack” that scales off STR for all classes and subclasses. Left click is the most used button on a computer, and making this obsolete for some classes, mage in particular, would be undesirable to say the least.

It would be cool if hunter had a quick slash attack thats strength scaled off STR and how fast you can do the attack scaled off DEX. And mage had a ranged magic attack that scaled of INT.

also hoping that we see some more dymanic monster fights instead of the current static monsters that just follow you and attack forever, such as monsters that change their attacks depending on how close or far away you are, or have certain mechanics when they reach certain healths, etcetera.

The greatest element of the game is that it’s intended to be community based, not just solo grinding. I feel like it needs to be stressed more that you should play this game with other people and not by yourself.

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It was nice seeing a tower of doom known as a “Crab-Stack”. Used to see hardcore grinders steal my kills. Also you could see a lot of known developers.

hahahahahh my honest opinion is the game is too grindy and has a huge level gap not much to do at all. it lacks a bunch of content but oh well it’s alpha. it’s also very boring the combat isn’t anything amazing but all of this will change in the future hopefully.

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