Holy Magic - Cleric's Special Sauce?

Mage, like all other classes, has three subclasses. Warlocks, lords of dark magic, stealing the life of others to fuel their magic. Sorcerer, channeling the very primal source of magic. And then we come to cleric, who get their special “Holy Magic” perk. Unlike many other perks in the game, it has an incredibly vague description, which is as follows: Mage Ability Upgrade. The only visible effect is the fact that it makes your mage abilities golden, which isn’t very fancy. However, it also increases your damage, but by how much?

I decided to voyage into the testing realm to experiment. I did this by testing my damage against scarecrows as a level 30 mage and then as a level 30 cleric, with the exact same build and equipment.

Take note, numbers in Vesteria do have decimal precision, they are just rounded to the ones place visually, so that may explain slightly different values.

Thundercall -
Without holy magic : 697 damage
With holy magic: 767 damage
Average increase: (767/697) 1.100430416068867, or, 1.1x

Bomb -
Without holy magic: 1067 damage
With holy magic: 1173 damage
Average increase: (1173/1067) 1.099343955014058, or about 1.1x

Averaging the averages results in 1.099887185541463 for a final multiplier, which is probably 1.1x flat, just visually impaired by rounding.

tl:dr if you don’t care about my data:
Holy magic, a “mage ability upgrade” is in fact a golden color and a 1.1x damage multiplier. It’s not huge, but the more damage you do, the better it gets, so every little bit counts. Seems a little weak for a selling point of the subclass, but, it’s something.

If you doubt my math, feel free to test it yourself.

edit: moved to tutorials and guide as this seems to fit there


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I figured this out early and decided to abuse it to my advantage

currently doing about 3.3k chicken damage with raw damage build as cleric

the 10 percent damage increase is confirmed so info is correct