Holy crap the forums look ugly

dont tell me that looks good. The old look is better. What do you guys think?

  • New Forum looks terrible
  • New Forum look is good.
  • I like the old forum look better but is not that bad.

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Also pls tell me if this is a me issue. If so i shall close.

Edit: also Forums Design Feedback is different so please dont close it leaders.

This post is definitely different from my post, because mine didn’t have a poll and yours doesn’t have a suggestion (kinda).

Yeah id just like to see a blue box behind the Home button and the drop down menu notifications back to that lighter blue.

I feel like the color green or red would fit the style more.

image that would fit in my opinion.

this looks so much different and i don’t like it
it looks like some badly made chrome extension redid the website

like can someone explain to me in the best way they can how pink looks good with a dark website

it stands out more to the eye but i prefer the old green more

white text burns my retinas on a website this dark

I just want green hearts back. ;-;


Let me flex my stats real quick.

is it just me or did nothing change?

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I color has gotten darker. The hearts are green. New Home button… That’s really everything I see that’s new on the forums.

I already had dark mode on so I’m used to the pink hearts :sunglasses:

you guys know nothing about web design

To be fair they are game developers, not graphic designers