Holy Cow +122 Royal Fang

7 great scrolls, 6 hours of grinding, finally, I HAVE GOTTEN IT! 122 damage, 42+ dmg. @GeneralOmegus I got that too boy.

weird flex but okay

@GeneralOmegus foober said “potm is nerd” xddddddddddddd

wait, they implemented the spider queen? I thought it was just going to be spawned by berezaa!

they didn’t i think fooberr just meant grinding for great scrolls

ohhhh… and I missed when berezaa spawned it since I was away for christmas.

berezaa said that they would testing it every day i’m not sure if that means there gonna spawn it every day to the public or just testing in the dev thing

hopefully he spawns if for the public because I want to fight it.

boss fight is easy if u are mage they mostly get drops cuz ranged attacks

Well, I’m warrior, so…


Hunters can only hit it using double jump and knife throw while climbing or when on top of the queen. They have to stick the queen to the floor because mages keep flinging it all around.

Warrior Lunge*