Hōkū Island (updated)

Hōkū Island

A tiny speck of land in the middle of the ocean, this island is a cultural and colorful part of Vesteria. Much of the fish sold in markets are from this island. Many Vesterians come here on vacation or to get away from the hustle and bustle of regular life back on the mainland.

Something smells fishy
Fishing is much easier here than on the mainland. Many different species of fish can be found here. This is a true seafood lover’s dream.

Introducing new species of fish

  1. Tuna

    A common saltwater fish. It’s pretty tasty.

  2. Mahi-Mahi

    A rather heavy saltwater fish but it does heal you quite a bit. Tastes good with lemon

  3. Swordfish

    A pretty dangerous fish but also very tasty. A rare catch, this sells for a high price in the shops.

  4. humuhumunukunukuapua’a (triggerfish)
    What else is there left to say?

Fishermen needed
Fish only found here sell for much higher back on the mainland. Not many people are willing to travel out into the middle of the ocean and catch fish and sail back over and over. It’s a pretty great way to get rich.

With the fishing profession coming out selling fish back in Port Fidelio in the new Fishermans Shack is a great way to get more money.

Hangry Sharkies
Sharks are rather common in the area which is another reason people don’t like fishing here. Sharks are interested in players fishing in the ocean. Sometimes they even steal your catch!

Introducing Sharkies!
A new hostile mob only found in this area of Vesteria, these sharks aren’t very happy about you stealing their food. When reeling in your fish they sometimes even steal it! there are multiple species of sharks, all think you look like a tasty snack.

Sharky Drops
  1. Sharky Fin
    The rubbery fin of a Sharky. You can sell this or make a soup with it.
  2. Sharky Tooth
    A pointy and lethal shark tooth. It can probably be made into a dagger of some kind…
  1. Great White Sharky
    This species of shark is much larger and stronger than the other species. Its level is much higher than the rest of the shark species.

LVL 30
High DEF and ATK
Low Speed
Travels alone

Monster Book
  1. 1 Idol
    Sharky Fin
  2. 3 Idols
    Shark Tooth
  3. 5 Idols
    STR Potion
  4. 7 Idols
    Orange Potion
  5. 15 Idols
    Fishing Rod- rare
  1. Mako Sharky
    The fastest of the three shark species found near Hōkū Island, you definitely do not want to go up against one of these. Its whole body is over 90% muscle.

LVL 29
High ATK and Health
Very fast
Loves Swordfish

Monster Book
  1. 1 Idol
    Sharky Fin
  2. 3 Idols
    Shark Tooth
  3. 5 Idols
    DEX Potion
  4. 7 Idols
    Purple Potion
  5. 15 Idols
  1. Black-tip Reef Sharky
    The most common shark found in Hōkū Island, they might not be as strong and fast as the other species are, but they make up what they lack in their numbers.

LVL 27
Medium ATK, DEF and Health
Travels in packs
Loves to eat Tuna

Monster Book
  1. 1 Idol
    Sharky Fin
  2. 2 Idols
    STR Potion
  3. 5 Idols
    Shark Tooth
  4. 7 Idols
    Worn Boots
  5. 13 Idols
    Tuna Fish

Sharky Hunting
People really don’t like sharks stealing their catch. Near the shoreline of the island, an NPC can be found. Similar to the Sally and Yeti quest, this quest has you kill 30 sharks. After that, you can keep returning to him and giving him shark teeth. This is now similar to Shelly and her seashells. Every time you give him shark tooth he has a chance to give you:

  1. Everything shelly can give you except the Shnel Helm

  2. Pirate Cutlass

  3. Shark fin vest

Searching for treasure
Many shipwrecks can be found around Hōkū Island. Many treasure chests can be found inside. The only downside of searching for these is that sharks have decided to make this their home.

Shipwrecks contain chests and loot. Similar too shipwrecks in Minecraft, they are broken and empty.

Sea of Stars
Sometime during the night, the ocean lights up. Many tiny dots of light can be seen in the waves. This is another reason why many Vesterians come on Vacation here. It’s rather beautiful.

During the night the sea lights up. It looks like stars in the ocean but it’s just gross bioluminescent algae stuff. During this event, a message is released into the server. Sharks are all gone and fishing is much faster, making this a fishermans dream.

Hōkū Island is a place of relaxation and hidden treasure. Infested with sharks and chests, are you brave enough to come here?

Pirate Cutlass Stats

lvl 30
85 ATK
+5% greed
Looks cool

Shark Fin Vest Stats

Lvl 20
30 DEF
Swimming and fishing are easier with this vest.
Sharks are more aggressive.

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