Hmmmm what have I found...? 🤔


Looks like the Nilgarf sewers

Also this pic bcuz I think it looks cool at night…

have you seen this b4?

Isn’t that in the Enchanted Forest?


Dungeon Room perhaps?

personally I think this could be an entrance to a secret lair of something… dunno what exactly tho…

you found a lantern

Can somebody please add a facepalm reaction. I need one badly.

oh yeah I forgot that you also found 2 + the number of the first letter of the numerical sequence which is not a thing since this is actually mentioning the first number of the numerical sequence which in a sense could be technically anything but this sequence will start with 1 barrels and a crate, my bad on me.

ahem, I will have you know there are THREE Barrels.

ahem AHEM. There is actually 3 barrels, a lantern, a crate, and OXYGEN.

ahem ahem ahem there are actually 3 barrels, a lantern, a crate, Oxygen, and Dirt.

Headless I found you a new chair maybe

I should go review some chairs but, I’ve’ve not’ve been’ve feeling it

Where is this, at least what map is it on?

What if it is actually the Mushtown sewers, and we would be able to fight level 2 or level 13 rats down there?

what if its the gateway to a DUNGEON

Or what if, moss mobs were found in the sewers, and the reason why the mushrooms are on the surface is because the moss kicked them out, so you have to fight them?