Hmmm what faction do I choose

I just got to level 10 what do I choose

Depends on your build. Did you invest mostly in STR, VIT, INT, or DEX? If you went all around, that’s not very good…


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my stats are STR 10 VIT 10 INT 5 DEX 5

I’d say Hunter, but you might want go to Vincent to scramble your stats so they can be more focused. If you’re lucky, you could get a better build.

Pick warrior!!!

I scrambled, now I have STR 9 INT 7 DEX 2 VIT 12

If you like insane damage and some dope HP and armor, choose warrior.

If you like speed and sneaky skillz, choose hunter.

If you dont fit in any of my previous listed thingys, become a nerd mage.

warrior cause dont listen to those mage and hunter peasants

Warrior build. Choose warrior

Everything Is A Warrior Build.

no. hunter is good.

but with that stat build id say either mage or warrior prefered warrior