Hitting Mobs, but Dealing no Damage

Am on a laggy PC, joined Vesteria Limited Public Testing, then I could deal no damage.
Errors are below, I hope this is fixed by the time paid access comes or I’m doomed since I won’t be able to deal dmg.

isn’t vesteria unplayable rn?

Limited Public Testing Server

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If your still experiencing the lag, I have two possible explanations to you (one is deep if any other scripters are reading this and the other is simple) Simple: When you hit a mob, your hit needs time to contact the server and then put the damage on the enemy. Depending on how laggy the server is, the time between you hitting it and your hit reaching and contacting the server could take forever. Technical: When you hit the mob, the animation loads instantly because its client sided, but if the game is laggy, the remote that contacts the serverside will take some time and only on the serverside can it actually register the damage.