Hiring Workers In Vesteria?!

So to start off i know i said that we should add 2 new class occupied places besides the hunter gauntlet. And i know I said that at the warrior gauntlet that we should have workers that we could hire.

But what if we added a adventuer outpost as well. Where you could hire level 1 adventures from there and work to kevel them up. And at each outpost for each class you could but level 10 mages, hunters or warriors from there. Of course these woulf be very expensive. Youd also have to manage their state and skills and but them all of theor weapons, armor, consumables, etc. And once they kill something it will go to their inventory and you’ll either have to buy access to their inventory depending on how they feel. Or they will automatically give it to you. I honestly dont know about that yet.

But when they die. Theyre gone and you have to hire a new workers. But of course there will be a limit to how many workers you can have.

And of course just like the gauntlet there will be a place to enter the location and monsters to fight!

The Warrior location would have monsters such as: warriors, huge tree monsters, and huge rock monsters, etc…

The Mage location would have monsters such as: mages, goblins, gremlins, trolls, gargorials, etc.

I also had an idea where you coulf see npcs trying to fight a boss kind of like in Skyrim.

Tell me what you think or anything i should add in the comments please! :heart:

Strange idea though the idea of sl- I mean sla- I meant workers in Vesteria has been posted many times, it just feels off to have ‘minions’ that fight for you, and, well, everybody l8-game would have their own personal sl- I meant worker and it would kind of be anticlimatic


The idea of slaves is nice. With Sacrificing and Rebirths coming into Vesteria within the next few months I could see myself sacrificing a couple hundred slaves.

In reality though, people have asked Berezaa about “NPC trading” where you buy NPC’s and use them,trade them, have them do stuff and his response was," You mean slavery? Nah."

*(About the thing above, I think it was from a dev hall thing where people come onto the discord and Berezaa answers questions.)

They would work for you and you woulr have to work on all of their stats and skills and equippment but they wouldn’t nesscasaraly be slaves. Theyd be warriors, mages, hunters or adventurers. They only are working for you until they die. And you maybe could sacerfice them but there would be something else that happened if you sacerficed a slave i guess. Because it would be kinda easy to keep rebirthing over and over again.

I mean it would kind or add a new aspect to the game of Vesteria.

This is the definition of a slave: a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.

If these “workers” have to obey us until they die that’s pretty close…

But again isnt this game set in a fantasy midevil world. So I guess your right. But what if you have to give them consumables to keep them happy and then they work.

I mean giving them costumes wouldn’t be much better…

It’s just not a viable idea overall and people are starting talk over “workers” in Vesteria.