High Damage = Loot steal

The way I see it, you have implemented a system where if you deal a certain amount of damage, you retain the amount of loot that is equal to the damage dealt to the monster. That being said, what if a someone got the monster down to 1 hp, but, me bing level 24, I dealt 300 damage to finish it off?

This happened to me plenty of times, and is why it is so easy for me to get gold. Also, gold is another issue I will be writing about. In addition to high-damage-loot, there is also the fact that after I 1 hit crabs and mushrooms, there tends to be a lag-spike. I would love if this got fixed.

You would “attempt” to deal 300 damage, but actually would only deal “1” and the monster would recognize, so that type of stealing could really never happen. If this isn’t the case, it’s a bug and we’ll look into it.

That being said I do recognize the annoyance in having high level players who are able to one-shot lower level monsters coming and ruining the gameplay for lower-level players. It’s something we’ll think about and look into as the game evolves.

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