High attack speed not being detected on enemies

I did search for if this bug existed by searching “attack speed”, “too fast”, etc, forgive me if I did miss a old topic on this issue.

I noticed this when I first completely maxed out my dex; now having the +20 attack speed boost, making my attack speed 65, instead of the what I had beforehand. What I had before was maxed str, so my attack speed was a mere 9. The problem is; There must be a cut-off on how many times a enemy can be hit under a second, so I’m assuming. In the following videos, my old build, the maxed str, my basic attack hits fine. But in the second, with my maxed dex, the attack speed is faster but, all of the hits aren’t being detected. You can tell by the sound of the hits, or as well as counting the points where the attack hits the enemy; compared to the time when a damage number appears above the enemies head.
(This was all tested in the very, very very handy testing world for convenience only, and to be replicated easier instead of buying reset tombs. And yes, I’ve noticed this BEFORE I’ve entered the testing realm.)

(Str Test) v

(Dex Test) v

Edit: I tested it out again, such as exactly in the videos; it feels like the second slash when you have the full dex build doesn’t hit at all, only the first/main ones.

Bump, still happens, annoying

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roblox just cant handle the speed, so the server only receives some signals of attacks, thats my understanding

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