Hide Leaderboards

Pretty simple. Adding an arrow will allow users to hide the leaderboard and only show themselves on it.

This is what it would look like after pressing the arrow to hide the other users.

This is where the arrow would be. (The arrow looking up means the leaderboard of all the users is showing. Pressing it will make it look down and hide all the users except you.)

This would really help when theirs a lot of players in the server and the board feels like it’s in your face.

Simple and cool idea.

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Yes, please

I think hiding the leaderboard was supposed to be possible for like ages now but it never ended up happening. Would be a huge help for taking screenshots and stuff, though.

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Simple and quite necessary in my opinion.

I don’t even see a leaderboard on my mobile device, nor a server browser :weary:

Now that I think about it a hotkey to hide all GUI (except for maybe an un-hide button in the top right) would be nice