Hidden Stat Point Interactions with sub_classes

Reading through the dev roadmap, Berezaa mentioned a hidden game mechanic called “Hidden Stat Point Interactions” which it alter the effects of attacks/abilities base on the player’s stats.

This is a HUGE deal because this could make weak moves become more viable or boosting the effects of already strong moves by investing in certain stats. Here’s what i propose :

Earthcall( Sorcerer): when this ability is used it will also cast a earth ball that orbit around the player defending player from incoming attacks (if the player get attack while the ball is actives, the damage would be inflicts on the ball instead, destroying the ball in the process.more ball will spawn if the player invests more in VIT). VIT

Ranger’s Stance(Ranger is op, i know): the longer the player use this ability, the stronger the arrow becomes (wow a shotgun, a machine gun and a rifle ALL IN ONE? Amazing,i know).STR

Trick Trap(Trickster): the trap(or traps) will spawn at the player curso if it is within certains range (the better the INT stat, the better the range).INT

Anyway, that is just what i had in mind, these change could be good or could be bad.
What do you think ?

I Think The Prism Trap Is A Good 1 Because NOW YOU CAN AIM! if this were a thing you could place where you want and not on the sides of you :smile:

I don’t think we need to buff ranger any more, but the other two I would agree with. Depending on how they deal with earth call, it would make both it and vit both viable. The prism trap I especially like. I think it should be more traps for dex, longer stun/other effect/more damage than str, and int should make bigger traps. Maybe vit could have a lifesteal function, but I’m not as sure about that one.

i put the ranger one in because due to how broken ranger stance is right now, its likely for it to be change into something different but still make the player taking a stance upon activation. So i suggest it just incase ranger’s stance get a rework.