Hi! Im new to vesteria

LIES! i went in the treehouse and it said “you have already opened this chest” :confused: its only been 5 mins and Im a lvl 22 mage


o h, then ur ping was bad when u opened it B)

Update: I have a lvl 23 warrior and lvl 21 hunter slot now. this game went by too fast lol. noob game

Why r we doing this

Welcome to Vesteria!

  • You can get the Mushroom cap in the Mushroom Forest, which is just past the starter area known as Mushtown. Consult this guide for more regarding the Mushroom Cap.

  • The Mushroom Grotto is also found in the Mushroom Forest, which is just past the starter area known as Mushtown. Obviously, that’s not very descriptive. If you follow the path in the Mushroom Forest all the way down to the first log over a river, you can cross to an area where a bunch of Elder Mushrooms are. If you look around to the left of that area, coming off of the log, you’ll find the entrance to the Mushroom Grotto behind a useless pile of dirt.

  • You move with your keyboard.

  • You chat with your keyboard, also. To open chat, press /.

  • The Rock Golem hasn’t been added to Vesteria, yet.

  • Of course there is, all you have to do is hang out with Berezaa a bit and introduce him to Karen. He’ll be so terrified his Mushcoins will drop!

  • I’ll give you an ancient scroll for every ancient scroll you give me. C:

once u reach lvl24+ all saves then, u beat it

but if u reach lvl 30 on all saves right now then, well, uh, ur called, a heccin tryhard vesteria vomit vreakin vlayer

Wow, I didn’t expect anyone to make a serious reply to this. Guess this is the new user copypasta xd

noob I already have 30+ on everything, when are subclasses being released? pls I want to become Gamer subclass

My original plan was to introduce you to Karen; I thought this would be better.

Why r we doing this…

lvl 30 is when subclasses are being added(prob)

lvl 70! haha first

Lol, newbie

STOP ITS NOT FUNnY :frowning:

Everyone go to bed before I report you to Roblox

roblox is my dad and she reads me a bedtiem story, noob :3


Im actually roblox so ye im your dad. So go to bed n00b