Hi! Grammarnaut here. I need an UPDATE!

I’ve missed everything that’s happened in the past three months. Please, feel free to update me. This is really just a mock thread for the events that took place over the past three months. You will be graded on your use of grammar. Extra Credit is awarded to those who provide detailed history on guilds.

ok so basically 3month ago there was a 4th slot and a trailer added to the start of the game
uh after that there was mage basic attack with orbs thing added but that just got removed lmao
then we got colo weps tier 1 or something idk
oh yeah they left the office big kek
thundercall which is big lightning bolts replace zap and a magic missile replace rock throw :frowning:
david the chad comes along after that and actually does stuff to the game - subclasses tomorrow he says tm
then they broke giants for like 2 months because why not amirite guys making them drop tons of scrolls
and then yeah
free weekend came out for some reason idk why
not sure if before free wekeend or not but they changed scrolls so u cant put 7 on anymore u only had a limited amount per wep unless u resetted them and then yea they just went and ruined it by not changing ancient damage and never letting a failed scroll take up a slot basically meaning everyone with more than 10 seconds to grind has a maxed ancient weapon big funny good joke bruhezza now fix it thanks
then we had a chad which is a mushroom thing that just honestly kinda useless lets make this and not high level content yes yes ok
and now david the man who does stuff is a proper dev not just contributor and yeah thats vesteria
also sok got banned and muted for 2 months you know the normal so thats vesteria history enjoy reading my gramatically correct sentences and if you make a single complain i will be notifying the appropriate authorities eg: betapoly and he will dispense with you accordingly, have a nice day.

I got muted for two weeks for getting 100 infractions in the discord, and then banned for five days because I was using reactions while muted and that apparently isn’t allowed. Everything else that’s happened has basically been one horribly executed decision after another… I’ve given up on Berezaa and Polymorphic as devs at this point to be honest.

Oh and by the way, long live the Court Wizard.

no one cares fatty

Yes I know I’m just ranting because I’m disappointed/mad at the devs.

Ngl that ban was justified lol

says the moderator

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:worried: Would you, just for me, form a single sentence with no grammatical mistakes?