Here's why people are rude to the yeti

So basically, the yeti is a busy mother with alot and ALOT of children, then suddenly players decided to

ruin her life by simply MURDERING her children for exp, it’s rude to kill her cute children just for exp

and fun while it’s hard to let go of your dead child

and of course, the baby yetis were trained under their mother for self-defense but they’re still babies.

Therefore allowing the players to out-power them and kill them

When the Mama yeti is away from her home, she’s probably getting some food like fruits or meat ( From hogs)

of course it takes the mama yeti 1 hour to find some food

While the mama yeti is away, the players like 5 or more now approaches her children and kills them for a task or from boredom

the Mama yeti be like before she gets home: " Oh! i wonder how are my children are doing! "


after the players are done killing the baby yetis… THEY’LL KILL THE MAMA YETI FOR HER LOOT

and the mama yeti also has some silver for some some stuff like: construction for her cave, etc


Mama Yeti: oh? where are my children?
Mama Yeti: they’re probably in the cave sleeping

Mama yeti teleports to cave

Then Mama yeti notices there are alot of players waiting for her

Mama yeti: who are you?! and where are my children?!
Mama yeti: WHAT!

Mama yeti is then forced to kill the players

a few minutes later… the mam yeti is killed

Mama yeti before her death: fine then… if you want my loot then take it… i’ll be happy in living in heaven with my children

Then when she died the players basically took an icicle from her and take some of her fur to make the boots

(btw i made this since i was bored and to respect the yeti so no hate on me please)


i mean she got good loot


yeah ngl that loot is pretty good

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This is so sad. Can we hit 70 likes some baby yetis?
I honestly felt bad killing the babies since they’re so cute, and this makes me want to kill them less.


Can we give an F for Mama Yeti?



for mama yeti:


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I’m sorry when I see a Yeti all I see is a moving Pelt of fur.


you’re an evil person.

Sorry but a dude reward me when i kill em yeti so… ya know?

The yeti is a m a l e.

Did you check?

I like using a weapon from her to kill her again

yeti is best girl

Wario is best girl.

Sad story :eagle:

I only kill the depressed 12 year old baby yeti’s

I mean… decent loot though…

the wanted to die im helping them

I’m sorry, but the Yeti’s name is SUSAN.

She comes back from the grocery store every hour to feed her children in which you slaughter whiles she’s not away. She also has to throw out pizza rolls because her children are being slaughtered.

No wonder whys she’s so angry! You’re slaughtering all her children! Keep slaughtering them and nothing will change…did I also mention that she’s a single mother?!? Because she divorced her husband in the name of feminist rights… she is a single mother, damnit!

I cannot believe you would write such rhetoric on a poor, strong willed woman like this. Disgusting. Have your post flagged… you disgust me!

Do not refer to such a beautiful woman as a YETI. That is disgusting and you are disgusting. You disgust me. And how DARE YOU write such involuntary garbage that makes fun of her!

The yeti is the only thing in all of Vesteria to drop
Yeti Fur Boots
Great Headgear Defense Scrolls(70%)
and Baby Yeti Pet
im not giving up four unique items to morals