Henlo what is new

ok henlo whats new u already know my bum hasnt been on in like a month

whats the meta in classes/farming, where are all the new locations, what items should be prioritized, what kind of new techniques are there, etc

thanks :3

Big spider

Uh basically ber spawns a queen spider every now and then to test and idk if u know abt goblins or not but those exist and uh, not much rlly

arent there runes and where is the hunter base

Oh ya runes, there’s runes you can buy and hunter base was kinda released today but you can only get there with a hunter rune rn. And when u pick ur faction u get a rune for your base.

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And the magus armor might be new for you too… blue armor for mages

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nice thanks

For the record I probably forgot something lol

Also ancient scrolls and great scrolls are rare so if you don’t have a strong weapon already, its best to go with 100%s for cheap upgrades. Never use ancients, they are too pricy to be worth it atm

mages are overpowered, warriors kinda suck right now (dont reply saying they’re good because of the rod glitch), hunters are basically the same. Runes are added to teleport to places. Goblins. (lvl 9) Spider Queen is beign tested on.