Helping people under lvl 15

Hello there,
my name is Sitizen.

> Used to be a toxic player, but since the new update I try to be nice.

  • When I was standing in Great Crossroads I noticed a lot of people needed hay for the quest, if you are under lvl 15 I will give 99 hay to you, so you won’t die eventually while trying to fight the scarecrows.

  • If you are a player trying to complete the Mushroom Apoc. quest, I will help you do it, you can stand on the cage and I’ll kill the mushrooms and the boss too, if you are a hunter, I’ll give you a bow and arrows so you can hit the Great Eldershroom and eventually get some of the juicy Gold Mushrooms ( sounds like something a junkie would say, heh.)

So guys, If you are a lvl under 15 and need help just go near the statues in Great Crossroads, I’m gonna be there all the time.

  • Sitizen.

Sudden change of heart? Hmm.

yes, we really needed to know that because we didn’t know

You failed.


Stop signing your posts we already know who you are by your name and the start
You didn’t need to make this post because you could just spam the chat with, “I give 99 hay for only people below level 15.”

yes i could but this is more fun :frowning:

u can leave ur golden mushrooms on the ground for 2 minutes and let the level 10s pick up, just saying

Golden mushrooms are Soulbound