Help me guys, i have a problem

Guys, I think I don’t have a life can you help me?

I Don’t See Anything Wrong With That.


That Picture Has A Very Nice Name, “Ekrānuzņēmums (76)” Roles Off The Tongue.

could you not look at the name of the screenshot?
im angry at the fact that you didn’t even look right

English Please?

Wait A Second...

Is It To Do With The ‘69’ Posts?

you are a slow one xd

I Just Looked At The 7h Read Time And 1.9K Post Reads. As That Is What ‘i have a problem’ Would Refer To.

that is the problem xd
but I thought you would have noticed the ‘‘nice’’ amount of posts


and i do have too much time…

Look At Mine Instead.


Much Worse

yeah but you have been on this site for an extra day
and your title for the most active member is about to be challenged : )

Alexa play Toto Africa

I do have a life unlike you

Mines pretty good considering i only responded to like 4 posts over the past 2 days, so this is all from 2 days i guess

I feel you.

Sadly no 69s in my profile tho :frowning:

Even bigger problem