Help Improve the Wiki

Help Improve the Wiki

I am a wiki user that writes some pages for the Vesteria Wiki, but I’ve noticed some outdated pages on the wiki. The wiki is a source of knowledge for all Vesterians, so I’d like to help.

Here’s how you can help: if you see a page that is outdated, tag me or another wiki contributor, specifying what is outdated with the page. If I come across an outdated page and need some help figuring out some data, you can help by finding it out in-game for me (there’s another excuse to play Vesteria :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

My wiki username is Spider000.

Currently, I am working on the Baby Yeti page. I need Mushcoin drop amounts, damage, and XP amounts.

Vesterians Who Helped


I believe Mushcoins dropped tends to be more or less random (although maybe there’s a range, but that’ll take quite a while to find out), XP amounts are entirely based on level, so you pretty much have to be at the level of the enemy to figure out the base amount, and damage also seems to have a small range it can be in.

In terms of outdated page, pretty much every page on the wiki is outdated more or less. I went to 5 random pages, here are my findings:

Wooden Shoulder Pads:

  • Missing information about it being a Hog drop (1.33% chance), only discusses how it’s purchasable from Nilgarf.
  • States it gives +25 DEF when it actually gives +34.
  • Says it’s a level 7 item when it’s actually level 5.
  • Says it costs 7.9s to buy when it actually costs 4.8s.
  • Says it sells back to shop for 2s when it actually sells for 1.2s

Scallop Shores:
Can’t verify if some of the information is accurate or inaccurate, but just some quick things:

  • I believe No Good Crabbys was moved back to Seaside Path (though I may be incorrect about that one).
  • The Blessed Rubee Halo is now just called the Rubee Halo
  • Only lists “The Gauntlet” as a direct teleport when you can also access the Hunter Occupied Gauntlet from Scallop.

Crystal Beetle:

  • Missing sell price to shops (9s each)
  • Missing drop rate from mobs (0.39% from every Whispering Dunes mob except for Deathstings, with a 0.781% chance)

Why does this page even exist to be honest?

  • Missing a large number of keybinds in general (wont go through the all here since I’ve re-mapped most of them, but it’s probably possible to check on a new slot).

No real issues as far as I can tell.

I would have normally helped out, but unfortunately I don’t have a wiki account, so I can’t really edit the pages. Basically, as you can see most pages are either missing important information or has outdated information. It’s really a toss-up though, some pages are fine and some are completely incorrect/outdated.


i would like to help.
unfortunately, im too lazy to do so.

i think the shoulder pads are sold in mushtown, no?

They recently updated the shoulder pads when they added pots and pans so now shoulder pads are sold in Mushtown although they still might be sold in Nilgarf.

All of them are done except for the keybinds. Some of them are really short and could look prettier, but I don’t have the time as of late to do a full revamp. In the future, possibly.

One more thing: could you grab me a good thumbnail picture for the Spider Queen’s Lair article?

Sure, give me a bit and I’ll get on that.

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Here’s the full thumbnail with name and loading icon, as well as a cropped version of the picture without those elements. I assume that the wiki allows you to resize images, so hopefully size wont be too much of an issue.

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I added to it, you can see it here:

Any suggestions for it?

I am reworking the baby yeti and monster pages. Does anyone have any they would like me to fix?

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