Help i accidentally did it

help i just bought a second account for vesteria what do i do
i already have plans on getting it on lvl 30
i already have a lvl 15 mage there


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That’s your fault, not mine. I’m staying out of this. Nah jk just use it for storage, hopefully there will be some way to get more slots but for now I would just use it for storage. If you didn’t know, if you don’t have a second device or you are just lazy you can use the windows version of the game to log into a second account and play 2 or the same game with 2 different accounts at the same time. Too OP.

I would be willing to use that account so that my friend can play with me. Message me in discord and we can talk Obiee(Doom)#4930
Hope to hear from you!

Nice! Now im not the only one lol i just use mine for scroll storage and some item storage if i feel like it

but like, have u already used all 3 of ur saves on ur main 0r something?

you realize the developers are going to make more buyable (robux) slots, right?

yes i do

thats why i accidentally did jt


howmuch :weary:

yeah but ima get 2x the amount of alpha rewards so whose real winner