Hellos, (my introduction)

Hey, just started playing vesteria 2 days ago and have had a heap of fun so i just wanted to introduce my self to the community. im currently level 21 and am currently not part of any guilds. i hope to have more fun on this game and wish all who are reading the best

Welcome! I suggest joining Greyvale, the community is pretty nice and welcoming, not sure about other guilds

I recommend joining Protectors of the Mushroom and become a part of The Order.

sure that’d be appreciated though im not really planning on joining a guild until i finished grinding to level 30

Don’t let others influence which guild you decide to join. Keep having fun with the game and hope to see you around!

thanks for the advice

lol y r people telling u to join their guild i say just play the game with a good group of friends lol

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I Agree, Don’t Join Guilds At All. ALL GUILDS ARE NOOB!

guild r big noob im the lone wanderer

Sin is in a guild

I Agreed To Not Join A Guild As Sin Said Don’t Join A Guild.

My bad

I never said for him to not join a guild lol. I said for him to make his own decisions and don’t let others decide for him.

I’d Rather Not Join Any, Since Socialising Is For Fools!

Aren’t you technically socializing on some way by being active on the forums? :thinking: :wink:


Not socializing is for sociopaths. :thinking:

Why Do You Think I Said That?

Come be anti-social with us.

When guilds become an actual feature, then you guys will come crawling back to Greyvale… owned :sunglasses: