Hello Vesterians!

Prisman more like ender of droughts


Well welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here and make great content for us!

any ETA on guilds?

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Also how much will they cost?

He’s just joined the team lads that isn’t a question for him. Guilds might not be a thing until beta as I assume they are low priority.

I want more quests and a while ago me and a few others thought up of some here they are


hello new friend! hope you do good in the world of vesteria and not break it entirely!

hope to see you around!

If u want, you should go check out PoTM


give leaks

cutie man you better help rest of dev team take vesteria out of content drought

Welcome dad.


add milk

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Welcome to the forums Prisman!


im calling you spencer since thats more fun then prisman, hai spencer welcome to the forums :smiley: everyone here wishes you best of luck with this game

Welcome Epic gamer. I am excited to see your epic work.

That was the cringiest thing I’ve said in my whole life.


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Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to the Forums and the Vesteria team! I can’t wait to see what changes to Vesteria, you will bring about!