Hello there new people!

Recently there has been an influx of new people on the forums so I decided to make this little post.

as always we welcome all sorts of people here and we would love to hear your opinion but before you do anything you might want to consider a few things:

  • talk to the discobot. He can teach you a few things about how to use discourse and how to give your posts a bit more flair!
  • take a look around the forums before you post anything since people might have already suggested an idea or a thing that you might have wanted to suggest. if that is the case you could just give a like (or a vote) to that post to show the fact that you would like this. (i know there are A LOT of posts already but take a look, it can’t hurt :wink: )
  • don’t forget to like the posts you enjoy or agree with (everybody enjoys getting likes)
  • if you are unable to make topics or post replies to topics anymore you have hit the maximum amount of replies or topics a new user can make. These restrictions are lifted after 1 day of being on the forums so there is no need to panic if this happens to you.

and as always follow the rules and try to keep the forums a nice and friendly place for everybody to enjoy!