Hello, Its Me Nofearon

To Continue This Little Game Of Mine Just Type In Your Name With Maybe A Tiny Message For The Character Limit Problem. You Should Only Create One Reply To See If Everyone Can Get In Here.

I'll Start Here


avoiided lvl 25 mage #fixmage #nofgotnotopics

Phoenix. lvl 20 warrior warrior master race ftw

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AndrewAwesome03 lvl 13 mage #BuffMage

-Level 20
-Warrior ( Master Race = Warriors)

Say Hi if you ever see me in game!

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YujiPlayz level 30 Hunter #MakeCombatMoreFun #DontPatchNumping #HowFarDoesTheGiantMushroomSendYou

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Demise, level 9 adventurer.

Verscile, level 12 Warrior. Warrior is master race #VitalityFTW

TheBlackDeveloper, Level 15 Mage and Level 10 warrior
also sometimes develops random sci-fi games with a core that goes boom boom