Hello. (Damn It Character Limit)

It’s Me Again, Nofearon. I Decided To Make This Topic As I Seem To Get A Constant ‘Unread (1)’ In The Notifcations, However When I Click It, It Always Shows I Have None. To Be Honest I Don’t Know How It Happens Though I Can Guess It Happens When I See Someone Reply Then I Leave After.

P.S. This Is Another Topic By Me For A Long Term Project.

It is a glitch if you spend a lot of time on the forums. I bet Yuji and Avoiided have this problem.
I do as well.

Yeah I get the exact same problem, but please stop typing every single word with a capital letter, it’s painful to read.

If you go to his profile he explains why.

By The Way I Type You Can Assume I Type With Every Letter Beginning With A Capital. So You Know It Helps Me Read As My Eyesight Is Not The Best. Hopefully You Can Get Over That One Problem.

Reading profile descriptions s a v e s l i f e

The Weirdest Thing Is That Sometimes The Unread (1) Doesn’t Actually Go Away. I’ve Been Able To Click On The Unread Page Without That Unread (1) Disappearing And Just Staying There For Around Another 10 - 20 Minutes.

I get same problem. Depressing to see how the system lies to you.

why title style dud