Hello 2 other forum dwellers right now

I’m waiting for Meta to close this or something
Got any music suggestions tho?

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make it 3
and no

hezlo @Alecazam, @Pouya1388 , @Gghhjjkklll, @Fire_king66

bruh sounds

Nightcore’s cool

I hope when you go to sleep you find out a part of your hair is wet from your dog licking it, and when you wake up you are nose blind to the smell of dog treats while everyone in school looks at you in horror as you listen to your Nightcore.

But in all seriousness you should try out Electroswing.

Best music genre apart from Jazz.

Here, and close this Meta

When 3 of the 4 other fourm members were from ss :sunny:

I left a tab open and you ping me reeee

But in all seriousness I’ve been listening to CHVRCHES recently


Hello fellow dwellers of the forums

Cool, but low effort.