Have a Reddit type karma system

Honestly, I’d be extremely curious to see who’d have the most karma. I think it would increase site activity dramatically.

there’s no way to dislike a post by technical means
low effort

We already have likes, I don’t think we really need that…

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Well that’s post to post it’s better to see how many likes total someone’s gotten.

You can.

Huh, didn’t notice that before. I’ll just delete this.

oof, my stats seem pathetic compared to yours
good job on that

Casually going to flex on you

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Vesteria fan-art flex


Easy like farm :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Should I just open a topic where people can flex their likes?

sad cleric noises



Sad Cleric? More like overpowered Cleric!

Oh then berezaa and some Leaders here easily win. They’ve got like 1k+ likes

Biggest flex here

Damn, quite the forum member :flushed:

Yeah I didn’t think I read that many posts.
Just comes to show that I have more free time then I think.

Also I created a topic for flexing likes so let’s move over there.

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had to sorry

Requested by OP.